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America’s Radio News and America’s Morning News Continues Strong Growth

America’s Radio News and America’s Morning News Continues Strong Growth
Washington, D.C. America’s Radio News Network along with America’s Morning News offers 15 hours of syndicated long-form news programming daily and is now on over 340 affiliated stations taking one or more of the five, three-hour news programs. The long-form news can be heard on KSFO San Francisco, KIKK Houston, KKGM Dallas, WTNT Washington D.C., WCFO Atlanta, KTTH Seattle, KFMB San Diego, KLZ Denver, WWBA Tampa and many more. 
Over 18 stations recently added the news programming including: WTDA/WMNI, Columbus, OH; KBSZ AM & FM, Phoenix; WOWW, Memphis TN; WINK Ft. Myers/Naples, FL;WYGC Gainesville, FL; WQSC AM/WJKB AM, Charleston, SC; WZOO AM, Greensboro-Winston-Salem; KARS Albuquerque, NM; KMAJ Topeka, KS; and KMAS Olympia, WA. 
Lonnie Treadaway General Manager of WOWW AM, Memphis, TN says, “We needed a compelling format and there was just too much talk and sports already, so going all news with TRN made perfect sense. Now, we can offer a unique format in the great market of Memphis.” 
Hal Fish, General Manager of WTDY FM/WMNI AM, Columbus, OH says, “Love the all news presentation from TRN – and it works perfectly in being able to blend in a strong local news presence together with what is going on nationally. I think going all news gives us a real edge in Columbus.” 
John Starr, General Manager of WYGC FM, Gainesville, FL “I'm real impressed with the way the team at America's Morning News and America's Radio News presents the news. As a sports and news station, we really love the energy. And the listeners have responded quite well to the addition of morning and afternoon news blocks.” 
Program Director Dewey Moede at KARS-AM 860, Albuquerque said, “In looking for a new format on AM 860 I was drawn to Americas Radio News Network because the content is excellent. The network gives our listeners the facts from both sides of the table and lets them make up their own mind. Having been in this business for 37 years, many of them in the news business, this is the way news used to be reported. I find that people love AM 860 because it is news without an agenda, no hate radio, no nothing noise, just the facts. The anchors keep it fresh and lively! Good Job!” 
Lee Reisinger, KMAJ-AM Program Manager Cumulus Media Inc Topeka, KS added, “America's Morning News is a good start to the day and complements our local morning newscasts. While on the way to work, John and Dana give you everything you need to know in order to carry on an intelligent water-cooler conversation. We recently added ‘The Drive Home’ edition of America's Radio News Network and were surprised to receive an immediate, positive response. In just a few minutes, ‘The Drive Home’ fills you in on everything that happened while you were at work.” 
Dale Hubbard President and General Manager of Olympic Broadcast & Media, KMA said, “We have experienced a positive feedback from our listeners since going to an all News format during the day. The responses are coming from a different segment of the population. It seems to me we are gathering a better “Grade” of listener. We are seeing a slow change in attracting more advertiser categories. Advertisers and listeners alike, seem more engaged with our on air product.” 
Hubbard continued, “I would tell a prospective affiliate that of all the spoken word programs and formats, this seems to be the most universally appealing to our audience. More than any music format, or agenda based program could do.” 

America’s Radio News Network and America’s Morning News are both exclusively represented by TRN Syndications, Ltd. Reserve your market now by calling 888-383-3733 or visit ARNN on line where you can listen live to each of the news blocks.  

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