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Cleveland News Director Darren Toms Joins us to Discuss the Three Missing Girls Discovered in Cleveland Ohio

Darren has been in the Cleveland market for almost eight years, starting as the overnight anchor at Newsradio WTAM 1100 in 1997.Since then, he has worked as an anchor and reporter, and is now the Assistant Director of News Programming and afternoon drive anchor.

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  • Former FBI Agent Chris Kerr Joins us to Discuss NSA Surveillance

    Category: News


    Chris Kerr is a Former FBI Agent and Legal Expert, Best Selling Author of "RICO: How Politicians, Prosecutors, and the Mob Destroyed One of the FBI's Finest Special Agents" 

  • Sandy Johnson Discusses Legislation in States with Single Party Control

    Category: U.S.


    Sandy Johnson, Executive Editor of Stateline, a daily news service of The Pew Charitable Trusts. Sandy joins us to discuss the latest Pew Charitable Trust study which discusses why one party control in states is driving Legislative Agenda across the nation.

  • Former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating Talks About American Housing Month

    Category: U.S.


    Former Oklahoma Governor FRANK KEATING is President and CEO of the American Bankers Association. He joins us to discuss American Housing Month.

  • Political Analyst John Rothmann Discusses the NSA Leak of U.S. Surveillance Programs

    Category: U.S.


    John Rothmann is Political Analyst and Host of Election Coverage for KKSF NewsTalk 910AM in San Francisco and he joins us to discuss the NSA leak of classified U.S. surveillance programs.

  • USA TODAY Reporter Yamiche Alcindor Joins us to Discuss the Blue Campaign Being Launched to Help Stop Human Trafficking


    The Blue Campaign is a news initiative dubbed the 'Blue Campaign' the Department of Homeland Security is launching to help stop human trafficking. What does the program involve? What is the scale of the problem?

  • Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin Joins us to Discuss Obama's D.C. Circuit Court Nominations


    Raskin is a Democratic State Senator in Maryland representing Silver Spring and Takoma Park. He is also a professor of constitutional law at American University's Washington College of Law where he directs its Program on Law and Government and its Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project.

  • New Jersey Star-Ledger Columnist Paul Mulshine Joins us to Discuss the Death of Sen. Frank Lautenberg


    Sen. Frank Lautenberg died today at the age of 89. What is his legacy? How will his successor be chosen? What will his death mean for the balance of power in the US Senate? Columnist Paul Mulshine chats with ARNN.

  • Tulin Daloglu Joins us to Discuss the Growing Protests in Turkey and What Touched Them Off


    Tulin Daloglu is a columnist for Al-Monitor's Turkey Pulse. In the 2002 general election, Daloglu ran for a seat in the Turkish parliament as a member of the New Turkey Party.

  • University of Paris Frank Romano Joins us to Discuss National Security


    Frank Romano teaches law, literature, history and philosophy of law at the University of Paris Oueste and practices law in France and in the United States. He is the author of LOVE AND TERROR IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

  • Dr. Amy Smithson Senior Fellow at the James Martin Center Joins us to Discuss the Recent Ricin Letters

    Category: News


    Smithson chairs the Global Affairs Council on Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons for the World Economic Forum. Recent ricin letters were sent to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Obama. How dangerous is ricin? Where does it come from? Why do terrorists chose to use it?

  • Doctor of Internal Medicine Al Johnson Joins us to Discuss the Recent Outbreaks of the Coronavirus

    Category: Health


    Alfred R. Johnson, D.O. is a doctor of internal medicine and women's health (bio-identical hormones) with a special interest in the area of chronic illness, allergy and environmental medicine.

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