Buy Tamoxifen to Treat Breast Cancer and Other Estrogen-Related Conditions

Most of the times, when a doctor prescribes his/her patient to buy tamoxifen at the pharmacy, then the first thing that comes to mind is that it is intended for treating cancer, mainly at the breast tissues.  Tamoxifen, sold under the brand names Nolvadex, Valodex, Istubal and Genox, acts as an antagonist of the estrogen receptor located in the breast tissues.

People who buy tamoxifen usually think that this particular drug is not that significant and it only is intended for treating those who are suffering from cancer of the breasts.  Truth is, keep in mind that whenever you buy tamoxifen, this medicine is actually listed on the list of essential medications of the World Health Organization, which means that tamoxifen is a crucial medicine that must be included in a community for basic health needs.

Other than treating women’s breast cancer, doctors recommend patients to buy tamoxifen for other health issues.  For instance, for those who have Riedel’s thyroiditis, doctors ask affected patients to buy tamoxifen and use it alongside other medications for managing this particular condition.

Doctors recommend people to buy tamoxifen for breast cancer therapy in pre-menopausal and post-menopausal females.  Furthermore, doctors also recommend those who are suffering from male breast cancer to buy tamoxifen as well.  Fortunately, the FDA approved that it is alright to buy tamoxifen to help prevent the occurrence of breast cancer in women who are prone or who are likely to develop this disease.

Physicians advise patients who suffer from McCune-Albright syndrome (MAS) to buy tamoxifen and take them in order to treat premature puberty and the effects of premature puberty.  For those who were able to buy tamoxifen, use it and follow the physician’s instructions, they were seen to have reduced rate of abnormally-rapid bone maturation, which is actually the outcome of excess estrogen and therefore their abnormal predicted adult height (PAH).  The same outcomes have also been noticed in short pubertal boys who were asked to buy tamoxifen and use them.

As for infertility issues, females with anovulatory disorders were instructed to buy tamoxifen and use it.  The dose that they are supposed to take is 10 to 40 mg each day, which will then be taken in the 3rd to 7th days of a woman’s cycle.  Furthermore, doctors opt to have patients buy tamoxifen and use it to treat a rare condition known as retroperitoneal fibrosis.

For men who suffer from estrogen-related gynecomastia, which means that they have abnormally elevated estrogen in their body especially at the breast area, doctors ask them to buy tamoxifen for it. As a matter of fact, when they buy tamoxifen, it is intended as a preventative measure in small dosages, or it can only be used whenever there is an occurrence of symptoms such as nipple sensitivity or nipple soreness.  Astonishingly, those who are at the correction facilities buy tamoxifen and use it to prevent or treat gynecomastia in sex offenders who are currently going through temporary or short-term chemical castration.

Doctors also recommend patients who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder to buy tamoxifen as it has been found out to be effective in treating the mania of patients.  Tamoxifen blocks the protein kinase C (PKC) which is an enzyme that maintains the activity of the neurons within the brain. Scientists believe that this protein is very active whenever bipolar patients are experiencing mania episodes.